How to Play Connections?

  1. Review the words

    Take your time to understand each word in today's Connections game and think about what it means in relation to the other words in the puzzle. Make the first word
  2. Find groups that share something in common

    Ask yourself questions like: Do the words belong to the same group? Are they similar in some way? Do they have a connection to a specific topic or idea? Look for relationships or similarities between the words to find the common theme. Example 1. FISH: Bass, Flounder, Salmon, Trout. Example 2. FIRE___: Ant, Dirll, Island, Opal Create a word list
  3. Submit Your Answer

    Each group is assigned a color, which will be revealed as you solve. Yellow is the simplest. Then green, blue, purple. Find out your score

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Connections?

    Connections is a daily game where players find common threads between words. The goal is to select four groups of four words that share something in common.

  2. What are the rules of Connections?

    1 Sort 16 Words into 4 Groups that share something in common.
    2 Categories will always be more specific than "5-LETTER WORDS", "NAMES", or "VERBS".
    3 Each puzzle has exactly one solution. Watch out for words that seem to belong to multiple categories!
    4 Each group is assigned a color, which will be revealed as you solve. Yellow is the simplest. Then green, blue, purple
    5 You can only make three mistakes in completing the puzzle
    6 There is one official new puzzle a day, although once you have finished that one, you can play unlimited practice rounds.
  3. What is the Objective of Connections?

    The objective of the Connections game is to identify the common thread or theme that links the four given words.

  4. How many mistakes can I make in Connections?

    You are allowed to make up to four mistakes before the round ends.

  5. How many games can I play?

    After you've completed today's puzzle, you can complete unlimited additional puzzles.

  6. Can Kids Play Connections?

    Yes, Kids can play Connections Game on their phone and desktop. It's a fun word game that can help them learn and think logically. The game has different difficulty levels, so they can start with easier categories and work their way up. Younger kids might need some help, but it can be an enjoyable activity for them.

  7. How often are new puzzles added to Connections?

    There is a new puzzle on a daily basis. However, there are unlimited other practice rounds you can play.

    Can I play unlimited Connections games on this site?

    Yes! You can practice by playing as many times as you like